Cave Diving

Mexico is very well known as the best place on earth for cave diving and for good reason, we have the largest underwater cave systems in the world, with more than 1,000 km explored. These cave systems form impressive and complex underwater passages of all shapes and sizes that extend and interconnect throughout all the Yucatan Peninsula. For any Cave Diver, this is paradise. With hundreds of caves found around the corner, there never seems to be enough time to explore it all, however, we can help you make the most out of it and show you the best places within the time you have.

Why come with us?

As you may or may not know Cave Diving requires extensive preparation, precise logistics and most importantly guides and professionals who are familiar with the protocols and know the caves perfectly well, not to mention the fact that a local will more likely show you the most interesting and, often hidden, spots. We are fully committed to safety and as such we take the necessary measures to make these dives more enjoyable. So if you are up for the adventure deep into the jungle, we are ready to take you with us where very few divers have been.

Quintana Roo Is home of the most extensive underwater cave systems in the world, Playa del Carmen is surrounder by more than 500 kms of cave labyrinths and passages decorated with amazing formations, ancient artifacts, ice-age fossils and beautiful haloclines. The water temperature is around 24°c all year round. Some of these caves are less than an hour from the shop.


$4,900 MXN per day for one diver.

*Groups maximum capacity: 3 divers per guide.

Additional Services

  • Equipment rental.

  • Scooters.

  • CCR.

  • Gear Sales.

  • Support Group.

  • Airport Transportation.


  • Authorized guide for each group of 3 divers.

  • 100% private service.

  • Pickup truck transport from Dive Shop to the Cenotes.

  • Two cave dives on doubles or one long stage dive.

  • Cooler with water for the whole group.

  • 80 CUF Doubles or Side Mount tanks EANx 32.

  • 80 CUF Stage EANx 32.

  • 40 CUF safety EANx 50 per team.

  • Equipment storage.

  • Weights.

Not included

  • Cenote entry fees.