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Plura, Norway

March 4th – 11th 2022
$3,200 EUR

Plura, Norway

March 4th – 11th 2022
$3,200 EUR

The Expedition

  • Expedition Leader: Ricardo Castillo

  • Limited Capacity: 8 Divers

  • March 4th to 11th 2022

  • Arctic Caves

  • $3,200 EUR

On this expedition we will dive one of the most spectacular caves in the world for its geological history, its natural wealth and its scientific value. PLURA is a submerged cave that lies within the boundaries of the Arctic circle north of Norway, is nestled in the valleys of ancient Scandinavia and surrounded by a majestic landscape, the mountain range that borders it originated 400 million years ago when Greenland collided with Scandinavia, this collision resulted in a huge mountain range, taller than the current Himalayas called the Caledonia Mountains, the area affected from present-day Scotland to the Islands from Svalbard.

This cave is the interior of the mountains that were once huge and that erosion has damaged, dinosaurs strolled through these places and many glaciations have carved throughout the history of the planet the valleys in their current form. Within these moors there are large deposits of limestone rock that were once part of the seabed and that were pushed by the movement of the land masses towards the mountains, during this process the limestone is controlled in layers of marble creating circumstances Favorable for acidic water will break through the soft rock and form these cave systems.

We will also explore the forests of the region on snowmobiles and walks in search of wolves and elk, we will enter one of the dry caves to make a tour and know them in detail, we will have the opportunity to ski in the area and enjoy a traditional sauna Scandinavian, we can witness the incredible Northern Lights of Norway.

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The Caves

In this region there are about 200 known caves of the almost 2000 known in Norway, most of the systems are relatively small but the Plura system is among the few specific. The Plura cave has a maximum depth of 130 meters. and the water in winter and spring is at 3ºC with a visibility of 40 meters.

Glacial ice has filled the valleys of the region many times, some of the caves in the area are older than the last ice age of the planet, during the periods between the ice ages, ice deposits were preserved inside the caves and analyzing these deposits you can learn how the temperatures not only in the last ten thousand years after the last glaciation, but over 700,000 years ago as well.

A cave is a time capsule that brings information from the past to get to know our planet better. The caves in the region are marble that is limestone metamorphic (transformed), the caves in the region of Caledonia are beautiful due to the colors of marble, how the water works with the rock is very different from when it is limestone and added to that the low temperatures of the water cause a quite different chemical reaction from the caves south of the region with warmer waters. There are still many things to discover from the caves of this region and we have much to learn about its history and Plura is one of those caves that can help us unveil the secrets of these caves.


Dry Cave

Snowmobile expedition to the incredible entrance of a marble cave where we will travel 5km inside the mountain to learn about the formation and learn about the Arctic caves.

Other Data

Plura is one of the largest underground rivers in Norway and perhaps in all of Scandinavia.


During our stay the diving is unlimited and because of the strategic location of the place where we will be staying we can make all the dives we decide.

Extra Activities

Walk in search of moose and wolves: A guided walk through the frozen forests of Norway to search for moose and wolves and to learn about their behavior and photograph them. Extreme silence is required so as not to increase the animals.

Sauna Night

A Scandinavian sauna to learn how it is done in polar regions. It is a unique traditional experience including the snow bath.

Hike to the Wolf hut

We will visit a strategic point of the region on snowmobiles and continue on foot to a high point in the mountains to appreciate the view and see the wildlife of the region.

Downhill Ski

We have an Alpine Ski center 40 minutes from the region where we will take an elevator that will take us to the top of the hills to get off at Ski.

Northern Lights

This region has no light pollution due to the remoteness with civilization, so during clear nights we are very likely to appreciate the spectacle of the northern lights that illuminate the Arctic sky.


  • Flights Olso – Plura – Oslo.

  • 8 days – 7 nights.

  • Double occupancy accommodation.

  • Food & Meals.

  • Plura Airport Transfers.

  • Extra Activities.

  • Unlimited Diving.

Not included
  • Alcoholic Drinks

  • The unspecified.

  • Tips
  • Food & Meals.

To take into consideration
  • Technical diving level: Full cave diver, dry suit, extreme cold water.

  • Outside temperature -10ºC to 10ºC.

  • Water temperature 3ºC.

  • Double and sidemount tanks.
  • Gas mixtures.

  • Nitrox.
  • No cellular coverage.

  • Wifi.

Don’t forget
  • We are very far from civilization, supermarkets or pharmacies.

  • Mandatory DAN diving insurance.

  • Passport must be valid 6 months after the date of entry.

  • Cave gear + stage.

  • Clothes for extreme cold.

  • Swimwear and towel.

Quick Note

Plan carefully to minimize your trash. Whenever possible, choose rechargeable batteries and avoid carrying things like disposable razors, plastic bags, plastic water bottles, etc. We will be in one of the most pristine environments on the planet and our responsibility is to keep it that way.

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