Recreational Diving

Open Water Diver – $11,900 MXN

If you have always wanted to learn to dive, live new adventures and see first-hand the incredible world within the sea, this is where you can start. Dive into the wonderful world of diving starting with this comprehensive course, carefully structured and designed to turn you into a certified and confident diver.

Advanced Open Water Diver + EAN – $11,200 MXN

Do you want to go one step further? We go with you. This course has been designed to improve your knowledge and skills underwater. Among the topics to see, we will help you strengthen your navigation knowledge, refine your buoyancy, increase your depth, do night dives, identify marine life, and more.

Enriched Air Diver – $5,800 MXN

Also known as «Nitrox». A mixture that allows you to extend your bottom time, increase your safety and allow you to perform multiple dives in shorter periods of time. Often done along the Advanced Open Water course.

Solo Diver – $9,500 MXN

Are you eager to experience scuba diving without a partner or increase your underwater skills? Although diving with a buddy is the norm, there are reasons why an experienced diver would want to learn self-confidence and independence when diving. Learning and having the foundations to dive without a buddy can help build you as a stronger and more responsible diver in any situation.

Underwater Navigation – $4,500 MXN

Gain more confidence underwater knowing where you are and where you are going. This course helps you improve your observation techniques and the use of your compass more accurately underwater.

Deep Diver – $4,500 MXN

Discover the magic of the deep. In this course you will learn to be confident, manage your gas, contact procedures with your partner and your buoyancy control up to depths of 40 meters / 130 feet.

Night Diver – $4,500 MXN

The underwater world changes completely when the sun goes down and the nocturnal creatures come out. If you are passionate about diving, you cannot miss the wonders of a night dive.

DPV – $6,550 MXN (price per day of training)

Powered vehicles are an exciting way to see much more underwater territory in less time. Have fun and discover wonderful places.

Dry Suit Diver – 8,500 MXN

Don’t let the cold stop you from seeing everything you have always wanted underwater. The dry suit allows you to do just that. It isolates you from the water and keeps you comfortable no matter how cold it is.

Ice Diver – $4,500 MXN

Ice diving is one of the most adventurous scuba specialties. Learn the roles and responsibilities of support personnel and safety divers as well as the protocols to safely dive under ice. See beauty few others ever experience.

Peak Performance Buoyancy – $4,500 MXN

Among the skills that separate a novice diver from an experienced diver is buoyancy control. Improve your technique, use less air and take care of your surroundings by perfecting your buoyancy.

Drift Diver – $4,500 MXN

It is time to flow. This course teaches you the procedures and the right techniques when you are diving through strong currents.

Search and recovery – $4,500 MXN

Learn to retrieve objects underwater, regardless of their size or weight, increasing the chances of success.

Open Water Sidemount – $6,550 MXN (price per day of training)

Discover a new way to configure your gear. Using Sidemount offers you more flexibility, more time underwater, safer dives, better control of your buoyancy and more comfortable dives.

Full Face Mask – $4,500 MXN

Full face masks give you comfort in cold water, allow you to communicate, and protect your eyes and nose from water contaminants. If you are interested in venturing into extremely cold waters, scientific diving, or public safety, this course is for you. You must have your own full face mask to complete.