Truk Lagoon

September 18 – 30, 2023

About the Expedition

About The Expedition

Date: September 18th – 30th, 2023
13 Nights and 12 Diving Days
$3,595.00 USD

Wanting to Dive Truk Lagoon is by far one of the biggest wishes of most divers globally – yet why do so few divers ever get to this world class wreck diving destination?

No longer do serious diving enthusiasts want to be «led by the nose» by dive guides who limit depth, dive times and penetration opportunities to the least experienced diver, thus minimizing most peoples diving satisfaction.

We have not only taken away a lot of the gear problems associated with technical diving in Truk Lagoon but also, with a little planning and organization, match up the right people on the right boats. That way if you want to do a 4 hour runtime – you can!!!

Requirements & Conditions

Scuba Diving Experience
Scuba Diving Level
Underwater Wildlife
Environmental Challenges
Physical Condition
Air Temperature 32°
Water Temperature 28°
Water Visibility (average) 60ft

What’s included?

What’s included


Airport transfers.


13 nights accommodation (based on twin shared).


Truk Lagoon diving permit.


12 diving days with a total of 24 dives (2 long tech dives daily).

Not included

What’s NOT included

  • Flights.

  • Personal scuba gear.
  • O2, helium, sorb, EAC and CCR cylinder rental.

  • Alcoholic drinks.

  • Tips.




What to expect

Photos: Ricardo Castillo

Expedition Leaders

Ricardo Castillo

Ricardo Castillo is a professional photographer, instructor and expedition leader with more than 20 years of experience. Owner of Dive Rite Mexico and the recognized dive center Zotz in the Riviera Maya. He spends most of his life exploring, diving, and teaching everything from basic scuba to cave diving, mix gases and CCR. He organizes expeditions to take all the adventurers who dare to explore oceans and caves around the world, capturing unique moments through the lens of his camera. Whether it’s photo or video the end results are always breathtaking.

This journey as a photographer and diver has taken him through the world’s oceans and caves to places like South Africa, Mozambique, The Mediterranean Islands, Canary Islands, Maldi- ves, Antarctica, the Arctic, Iceland, Norway, the US Great Lakes, Cocos Island, Galapagos, Bahamas, Truk Lagoon, Hawaii, Cuba, Tonga, Fiji, Indonesia and countless trips along the coast, islands and submerged cave systems in Mexico.

He has participated in television documentaries and films about cave exploration, shipwrecks and sharks, with more than 7000 dives, with his deepest dive to around 450 feet and the coldest one at -1.7oC. Specialized in decompression, gas mixtures, nitrox, trimix, rebreathers, cave diving, as well as underwater photography and video. Highly qualified instructor of the NSS-CDS, PADI, TDI, IANTD and DAN agencies.

Ben Lair

Ben Lair is a professional videographer and photographer focused on deep, cold, and technical underwater photography. Ben is the owner and founder of Paragon Dive Adventures which specializes in open circuit technical and CCR dive training and custom travel options offering full rebreather support. Ben’s passions are varied, he truly enjoys all types of diving, but he has made a niche for himself in videography and photography of the deeper wrecks and macro critters around the world and diving in extreme environments.

In addition to his 15 years of experience as a paramedic, Ben is an Open Circuit Trimix instructor, CCR Mixed Gas instructor, Technical Wreck instructor and Technical Instructor.