2023 – 2024 CALENDAR

All our expeditions are carefully planned to take you to the most amazing, remote, extreme and wildest places on the planet. From the Arctic all the way to Antarctica, we offer the safest and most extraordinary experiences for you. We have a wide range of options depending on personal preferences, goals and technical difficulty.

About us

We call ourselves a group of modern underwater explorers, professionals and friends that have decided to pursue one common dream. With over 20 years of experience diving the world’s oceans, caves and caverns, our mission not only is to discover and share our knowledge along the way, but to also document and bring others with us in order to experience the life only the first explorers ever had.

Ricardo Castillo
Verónica Ortiz
Pablo Baquerizo
Eckehardt von D.
El «Capi» Jorge

Our Services

Our Services