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We create experiences that stay with you for a lifetime.

We call ourselves a group of modern underwater explorers, professionals and friends that have decided to pursue one common dream. With over 20 years of experience traveling the world’s oceans, caves and caverns, our mission not only is to discover and share our knowledge along the way, but also to document and bring others with us in order to experience the life only the first explorers ever had.

We encourage and share our passion to everyone who enjoys diving in every possible way; exploring, capturing and most importantly, caring for the most beautiful underwater sceneries and, many times, the most challenging ones.

All of this fulfills our aim to promote the importance of healthy ecosystems, from sea to underwater caves. PEOPLE PROTECT WHAT THEY LOVE which is why we are committed to take you with us to the most extraordinary places in order for you to discover, learn, fall in love and recognize the vital importance of preserving these one of a kind locations. High level training, exclusive expeditions, professional photography and filmmaking are some of our tools.

The Team

Meet the hard working team behind Zotz. Each and every one of them is professionally qualified within the diving community.

Verónica Ortiz Coronel

I was born and raised in CDMX; I have a degree in Marketing. I worked for a long time in the city and in order to grow I went to study languages ​​in Toronto, Canada. When I returned I realized that I like to live in quieter places, so I headed to Playa Del Carmen where I discovered 2 new passions…

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Ricardo Castillo Miguez

Diver, instructor and expedition leader for more than 20 years. He spends most of his life exploring, diving, and teaching everything from basic scuba to cave diving and CCR. He organizes expeditions to take all the adventurers who dare to explore oceans and caves around the world…

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Eric Iván Cauich Chuc

My name is Eric Iván Cauich Chuc, I was born in Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Quintana Roo. I am the son of merchants and since I was very young I have loved the jungle, the lagoons and, of course, the sea. I started working as a winemaker in a dive shop and later I got my sea notebook as a Sailor….

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Eckehardt von Damn

Diver and photographer since 1980 with more than 10,000 dives, recreational diver, technical, trimix, full cave CCR and Ice diver. Dedicated most of his life to the Film Industry, Eckehardt Von Damm ventured into the world of cinema for the first time as an exhibitor within the MONTES CIRCUIT (1983)…

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Pablo Baquerizo Romero

Born and raised in the city where I took my first steps as a Diver. At a very young age, I discovered a special relationship with the sea and as far as I can remember i’ve been obsessed with sharks, the number one reason that pushed me towards becoming a certified diver…

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